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2012 was AMAZING!

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Your online business is not growing fast enough and
you’re tired of the hype.

Plus you don’t resonate with all the loud “business guru’s” who seem to have the tactics but are missing the most important ingredient – the heart & soul.

If you have ever felt like you don’t belong in the “make money” industry because it’s too much hype and not enough soul … too much head and not enough heart…

And yet you are definitely ready to start getting some serious financial results online, build a huge following, and really impact a lot of people with your message & services…

What’s Working Now LIVE is the premier live event for big-vision entrepreneurs who are truly passionate about the work that they do and want the clear, step-by-step CURRENT plan to exponentially grow your online business today.

You are ready to play a bigger game. You’re hungry to surround yourself with higher caliber people. And you know your marketing & strategy could be so much stronger.

Come to this event & get the tools and inspiration you need to massively up-level your game, meet & connect with the hungriest and most amazing entrepreneurs on the planet, and get clear on exactly how to make your marketing & strategy a thousand times more effective.

Our Money Breakthrough Panel

To help you make that BIG BREAKTHROUGH and give you the path to wealth consciousness.

David Neagle

Kendall Summerhawk

Noah St. John

Our Partnership Panel

To help you use high-level partnerships to their maximum effectiveness for greater impact in your industry.

Darius Barazandeh

Sage Levine

Glen Ledwell

None of these experts are pitching anything. They will be there 100% in service for YOU!

What’s Working Now LIVE is a one-of-a-kind annual business & personal growth event focused on 3 crucial intentions:


1. Learn The Absolute Most Effective, 100% Current, Online Marketing Strategies In Existence Today – Broken Down In Step-By-Step Easy-To-Digest Bite-Sized Pieces So You Can Implement Fast

Look, you are incredible at what you do. But your online business is not growing fast enough, you have a message inside of you that’s burning to get out, you’re tired of pushing so hard, and your marketing efforts are not getting big results.

So here’s the question: “Are you ready to stop wasting your time, get clear on exactly What’s Working Now, & focus your energy on what will actually make you the most money & have the biggest impact today?

Because when you show up LIVE, you’ll walk away with:

  • In-depth understanding about how to create HIGH-CONVERTING WEBINARS that generate $10,000 per month… every month.
  • An exciting new format for creating VIDEO CONTENT that drives thousands of new leads (and fans) to you… every week.
  • A step-by-step map to set up AUTOMATED marketing systems that finally give you leverage & generate money… daily.
  • New PARTNERSHIP & JOINT VENTURE strategies that inspire others to share your message with millions.
  • A profound new way to SELL HIGH-END SERVICES through the internet so people invest thousands in you without a single objection or fear.
  • How to claim the POWER OF YOUR MESSAGE so that every word you speak moves people into action.
  • And much more…

By the time you leave, you’ll finally have a clear step-by-step plan to CONSISTENTLY grow your business using the most effective on-line strategies in world so you get predictable income & massive exposure today… because that’s What’s Working Now.

2. Instant Joint Venture Partnerships With Like-Minded People Who Will Promote You To Thousands

We create events that are bursting at the seams with the most good-hearted, high-level, powerfully hungry entrepreneurs on the planet. But we don’t stop there. Then we’ll lead the room through our signature “Partnership By Design” experience that will guarantee you get connected to the right partners, friends, and support systems immediately.

Here’s exactly what our “Partnership By Design” Process looks like:

  • First, we’ll SHOW YOU how to interact & engage with potential partners in the most effective & respectful way (so there is a great energy in the room).
  • Secondly, we’ll put you into TARGETED GROUPS so that you are surrounded by the right people for your business & mission.
  • Third, we’ll give you DEDICATED TIME to talk about your business so that every person there gets to know you (and get excited about what you’re doing).
  • Lastly, we’ll make it VERY EASY for you to ask for what you want so that you truly get the support & commitments you need.

Pretty darn cool… right?

Upon finishing this PROFOUND guided experience, you are guaranteed to have a huge handful of new partners, friends, and allies to support your business growth today. How fun!

3. Online Conversion Magic – How To Architect The Perfect Online Offer That Inspires People To Buy (& Feel Great About It)

Unless you are already making millions on-line, you probably know that the way you offer your programs & services could be stronger, more persuasive, and less generic. But how do you actually do it? How do you wrap the right words your offers so that people are hungry for them? And most importantly, how do you do it ONLINE?

Come to this event and you will discover our proven templates to radically strengthen the power of your message, create sales materials that influence people to buy fast, and show you once and for all what truly motivates someone to say YES to your offers over the internet. From this point forward, you’ll never feel disappointed by your small sales results again.

Look, if you know it’s time to:

  • STOP trying to figure out how to grow your online business on your own
  • SURROUND yourself with people who will force you to play a bigger game
  • LEARN proven online marketing strategies that get big financial results
  • UP-LEVEL the way you show up in the world in a massive way
  • MAKE more money than you’ve ever made before
  • HAVE the time of your life

Come to this event. This is your tribe. Now is your time.


Cindy Ratzlaff

“High Impact Social Media Success; What’s Working Now!”

Eiji “A.G.” Morishita

“The Simple Truth: How to Build a Multiple 6 Figure Business Offline Getting High Paying Clients Without a Business Card or a Website”

Jeff Steinmann

“Build a life of Freedom
and Flexibility”

Maria Whalen

“Discover the cutting edge system that allows you to work as hard as you want without getting sick, increasing your energy and mental clarity that will take your business to the next level!”

Monica Shah

“Become a Money Magnet: Four Sure Fire Ways To Attract, Earn and Keep More”

Pat Mussieux

The Proven 6-Step Formula for Generating 6 Figures in 6 Months by Speaking Locally!”

You deserve this…


What's Working Now Live!
2012 was AMAZING!

Get On The List To Learn About Future Events!

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